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• Ilya N. Fedorov was appointed the chief executive officer of NPO Saturn JSC.

• The first batch of the D-30КP-2 engines manufactured at NPO Saturn JSC according to the contract with a foreign customer signed in 2008 was delivered to the customer.

Photo: I.N. Fedorov, chief executive officer.

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• The EASA certificate of type for the SaM146 engine was obtained. For the first time in the history of relations between Europe and Russia in aerospace industry the aircraft engine mutually developed and manufactured in France and Russia, passed the EASA certification.

• The first advanced engines of NPO Saturn JSC brought up to the air the Russian experimental Т-50 fighter of the 5th generation.

Photo: Presentation of EASA certificate (Cologne, Germany).

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• First commercial deliveries of the SaM146 engine and operation start of the SSJ100 aircraft by airlines.

• Presentation of the HJT-36 single-engine trainer of the Indian air force powered by the АL-55I engines at Aero India 2011.

• At MAKS 2011 the engines of NPO Saturn JSC brought up to the air three latest Russian aircraft: Su-35, Т-50, SSJ100.

Photo: HJT-36 trainer.

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• Handing over of the SSJ100 extended range aircraft powered by the SaM146 engine, 1S18 modification to the first customer.

• NPO Saturn JSC obtained the EASA certificate for SaM146 engine series production. Thereby company confirmed the approval to produce products for European market, organize production at the third-party companies under the NPO Saturn’s supervision, as well as supplier selection for SaM146 engine.

• The ‘Engine for civil aviation’ division was founded within the UEC. NPO Saturn was defined as the head company of the division.

• The NPO Saturn’s product line of industrial gas turbine was diversified by the new high-efficient GTD-10RME gas turbine for power generation applications.

• NPO Saturn successfully completed the acceptance tests of the E70/8RD gas turbine for industrial & marine applications.

Photo: Shop No. 80, SaM146 engine assembly.

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• Operation of the SSJ100 aircraft powered by the SaM146 engines at foreign airlines began.

• Handing over of the SSJ100 extended range aircraft powered by the SaM146 engine, 1S18 modification to the first customer took place.

• NPO Saturn JSC starts series production of small-size engines.

• Investment agreement was signed with participation of ROSNANO, RAO UES of Russia and UEC/NPO Saturn for improvement and modernization of plants rated at high capacity based on the GТD-110 gas turbine.

• Research and design activities for new small-size gas-turbine engine were completed.

• Contractual obligations towards the Indian customer for the АL-55I engine were fulfilled.

Photo: АL-55 turbofan engine.

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• NPO Saturn JSC obtained the EASA certificate for maintenance and repair of the SaM146 engine and became the first Russian company with a full set of competences for series production, maintenance and repair of the civil aircraft engines certified in Russia and Europe.

• NPO Saturn JSC actively develops manufacturing infrastructure and practically ‘builds a new plant’ improving competences of engine-building.

• Tasks of accelerated manufacture of gas-turbine engines in a framework of import substitution and provision of orders of military and civil equipment are assigned to NPO Saturn JSC.

Photo: SaM146 engine repair shop.

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