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• P.. Kolesov became the chief designer of the Rybinsk engine-building design bureau. Under his leadership the unique aircraft engines for the advanced aircraft such as -4 bomber-missile carrier, u-144D supersonic passenger aircraft, Yak-141 multipurpose fighter with vertical take-off and landing were developed.

Photo: P.. Kolesov, chief designer.

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• Start of development of the RD36-35 turbojet engine for the experimental iG-21PD, iG-23PD and -58VD aircraft.

Photo: Experimental -58VD fighter with short take-off and landing.

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• Start of development of the RD36-51 turbojet engine of the u-144D supersonic passenger aircraft.

Photo: u-144D supersonic passenger aircraft.

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• Upgrade of the scientific labour organization integrated system which was mainly similar to the modern quality management systems and allowed to issue the product of the world level is under way at the company.

Photo: poster of scientific labour organization, late 1960s.

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• Series production of the D-30U turbofan engine (P.. Solovyov, designer) for the Il-62 medium-range passenger aircraft was started in Rybinsk.

Photo: D-30U turbofan engine.

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• Start of series production of the D-30P turbofan engine (P.. Solovyov, designer) for the Il-76 military transport aircraft and its modifications.

Photo: Il-76 medium military transport aircraft.

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• The social program is being actively developed in Rybinsk due to the company support: the plant built football field and water-skiing area, a swimming pool, kindergartens, recreation centers, more than 2 mln.sq.m of habitation.

Photo: Rybinsk, late 1970s.


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