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• Start of series production of the D-30КU-154 turbofan engine (P.А. Solovyov, designer) for the Тu-154М medium-range passenger aircraft.

Photo: P.А. Solovyov, designer, D-30КU/КP series aircraft engines.

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• The RD-38 engine (P.А. Kolesov, designer) for the Yak-38М ship-deck attack aircraft was produced.

Photo: Yak-38МP, VSTOL deck attack aircraft.

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• Start of production of the RD-600V turboshaft engine for the Ка-60 Kasatka multipurpose helicopter and ТVD-1500 turboprop engine for regional aircraft.

Photo: Ка-60 Kasatka multipurpose helicopter.

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• The Rybinsk engine-building plant and Rybinsk engine-building design bureau were reorganized into Rybinsk motors JSC and Rybinsk engine-building design bureau JSC correspondingly.

Photo: The company in the middle 1990s.

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• The Navy of Russia defined the Rybinsk engine-building design bureau as the main base for development of the Russian made marine gas-turbine engines.

Photo: М70FRU marine gas-turbine engine.

Middle 1990s
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• Design and preparations for production operation of the first GTD-110 gas turbines of high capacity.

Photo: GTD-110 gas turbine.

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