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NPO Saturn united the young Russian engineers at the XXIX youth gathering in Rybinsk

Site news 24.02.2015

February 24, 2015, Rybinsk. - A holiday of sport, intellect and creativity organized by NPO Saturn was held on 21-23 February in Rybinsk. The 29th (winter) youth gathering dedicated to the year of literature in Russia took place at the Black River resort.
In the course of three days the engineers from Rybinsk, Perm (PMZ), Moscow (Salut) and Komsomolsk-upon-Amur (the Sukhoi Company) were competing and trying to be as creative as possible.
The athletic program of the new gathering was filled with team disciplines. Besides the traditional competitions such as biathlon and hiking it, was supplemented by some not any less spectacular events such as table hockey and auto football for gents and table football and laser tag for ladies. During the “Surprise” orientation competition, the contestants had to follow the trail in sheer darkness.
An unexpected test was brought about by the team death marches - long runs with some stages on skis dubbed “Only the real men set off hiking” and “Only the girls in the woods”. During that challenge the men were to perform typically women’s tasks such as putting diapers on a so-called baby (a small-sized log), making snowwomen, cooking pancakes on a fire and cross-stitching.  The ladies, on the contrary, drilled holes in the Volga, chopped and sawed wood and made bonfires.
The creative part of the gathering was inaugurated by the “Foreword” team greeting contest followed by a home-prepared, on-stage humorous show “A night in the company’s library” on the first day’s evening. The real adornment of the gathering was the “Battle of Choirs” during which the teams had to perform musical hits. The “Literary Lounge” competition allowed to reveal the quest lovers. After the “contest of parodies” the results of all the competitions were summarized and the winning teams received well-deserved awards.
The winners of the 29th (winter) NPO Saturn youth gathering was the “Zvezdy I Stakhanovtsy” team (NPO Saturn), the 2nd place went to the “Nasledniki” team (UEC - Gas turbines), while the 3rd place was awarded to the “Motor” team representing PMZ of Perm.
The honorary prize of the youth gathering - the Andrey Savin Challenge Cup awarded to a team based on the results of the captains’ contest, the hiking and the on-stage humorous show went to the “Nasledniki” team (UEC - Gas turbines). In the captains’ contest, Sergey Sysoev, captain of the “Nasledniki” team was victorious.
According to Alexey Molchanyuk, NPO Saturn human resources director: “Such corporate events have long-standing traditions, whereas the youth gathering is the culmination of the company’s youth policy. We are well aware that the gathering is attended by the young people full of initiatives and zest. The goal pursued by the organizers is not only to provide them with an opportunity to demonstrate creativity but to also encourage going in for sport in a systemic way. It is no secret that we keep a close eye on all the participants, and, as I said, the gathering is attended by the most active and creative members of the company’s youth movement whose potential the company will use in its operations in the future. I encourage everyone to join the Saturn youth culture. My special gratitude goes out to our permanent partners and participants of the youth gathering - the VTB bank team who stay loyal to us not only when things are going well but also when the going gets tough.”
The captain of the winner team Sergey Lebedev shared his emotions from the gathering and opened his secret of victory: “I liked this gathering a lot. Thank you for the diverse competitions. It’s a game of chance. You want to know what the main element of success is? I’d say, the team spirit. Working in a team takes a lot of effort. We started as team 21 out of 24 teams. With every year the gathering was becoming a way of life for each participant. My wife and I regularly go in for sport. Instead of killing yourself in the heat of a competition, it’s much wiser to practise regularly throughout the year and get only positive emotions from this event and consequently a good result. There are two teams that have stood out at this gathering, the ones that I really appreciated. These are the NanoEzhiki - a strong young team consisting of Saturn design engineers; they could have won, in fact, but fell short of just a little luck, that’s all. And, also the Motor team from Perm. It was obvious that our guests had come well prepared. I wish the number of participants would keep increasing and the youth gathering movement would only grow stronger.’
A member of the Zhgut team from Komsomolsk-upon-Amur Anton Telyatyev explained why his team had come to Rybinsk from the other end of Russia: “First of all, we come here to get warm. No, seriously speaking, we come here to learn, acquire experience and put to practice the best ideas at our company. It is difficult to win playing against the teams that are much more experienced than yours, but that’s not what’s most important. I like the amicable environment here, the spirit of competition never transcends the limits. In turn, I’d like to say that we are always delighted to see our friends from Saturn visiting us. We are the wings, you are the propulsion. We are meant to be as one.”
Anastasiya Kleschevnikova from the Motor team (PMZ), who took part in this sort of event for the first time confessed: “I was warned what was awaiting us out there. But who would have thought that it would be that exciting. Adrenalin in my blood was rushing non-stop; it was scary to ride on such relief especially when skiing but I did it. I’m grateful to the organizers; everything was tip-top, I love such rhythm. And the food was also excellent. Today we were third, but give us some time, and we’ll try to win it.”
Traditionally, the organizers ensuring the high level of this event, were the NPO Saturn social programs department, the youth board and the NPO Saturn sport center as well as the Yaroslavl regional branch of the Russian union of mechanical engineers and, the general sponsor of the youth gathering - the VTB bank.
Also the NPO Saturn youth gathering emerged as a center of gravity for the leaders of the non-profit youth unions of the region. The representatives of the Yaroslavl regional agency for the youth held its first extramural session at the gathering meeting with the activists during which they discussed the current matters and expressed interest in disseminating the NPO Saturn youth policy experience.
The NPO Saturn Research and Production Association (OJSC) is an engine-manufacturing company specialized in the design and development, production and after-market support of gas turbine engines for military and commercial aviation, naval ships and power-generating plants and gas-pumping units. The association is part of the Union of Russian mechanical engineers, an all-Russian public organization whereby the regional branch is headed by I. N. Fedorov, NPO Saturn CEO.
NPO Saturn is part of United Engine Corporation (JSC) and acts as the leader of the Commercial Engines Division, a business unit of UEC founded on 09.10.2012 as a result of integration of the following companies: NPO Saturn (OJSC), Aviadvigatel (OJSC), PMZ (OJSC), Metallist-PM (CJSC), Energetik-PM (OJSC), REMOS-PM (CJSC), Motoservis-PM (CJSC) and Zheleznodorozhnik-PM (CJSC).
United Engine Corporation (JSC) (a Rostec State Corporation company) is an integrated organization specialized in the design and development, serial production and after-market support of the engines for military and commercial aviation, space programs, the Navy, as well as for the oil and gas industry and power generation. One of UEC’s prioritized fields of activity is the implementation of comprehensive programs of development of the companies in the industry by introducing new technologies meeting the world-class standards. In 2013 revenues of the corporation amounted to RUB 158.9 billion.

The Rostec State Corporation is a Russian corporation established in 2007 in order to facilitate the development, manufacturing and export of high-technology industrial products of military and commercial application. Today it comprises over 700 companies, which form 9 defense-industrial and 5 civil industry holdings as well as 22 direct control companies. The Rostec portfolio includes such renowned brands as AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, Russian Helicopters, VSMPO-AVISMA, etc. Rostec’s subsidiaries are located in 60 regions of Russia and deliver their products to over 70 countries worldwide. In 2013 revenues of the corporation amounted to RUB 1.04 trillion. Total taxation exceeded RUB 138 billion.
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