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The II international technological forum Innovations. Technologies. Manufacturing has finished its session

Site news 26.03.2015

March 26, 2015, Rybinsk. On 23-25 March 2015 Rybinsk played host to the second international technological forum dubbed Innovation. Technologies. Manufacturing.
Three days of meaningful work came to an end. The meetings, dedicated reports, discussions, debates, new opportunities, ideas and projects took place in the frame of the plenary sessions, 14 topical sections, 5 sections of the scientific-technical conference dedicated to the 100th birthday of the chief designer P.A. Kolesov, the 8th UEC Lean workshop, the field session of the interbranch scientific-technical CIAM seminar and visits to the companies in the Turbomachinery and power engineering cluster.
962 forum participants out of which 348 representatives of the Yaroslavl Region and 614 guests from various Russian regions (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, Perm, Samara, Ufa, Yekaterinburg and Rostov-on-Don) and from abroad (Germany, France, Italy, Israel, Ukraine). The forum organizers were delighted not only by the quantitative but also by the qualitative composition of the event participants: the 60/40 ratio between the business and science; approximately 50% of the participants represented the small- and medium-sized business and entrepreneurship.

According to NPO Saturn chief executive officer Ilya Fedorov, “further down the road - and there is no doubt that the forum will become a good tradition - we plan to get even more scientific institutions involved. To create incentives for our colleagues from the universities, from research institutes especially the scientific youth to take a more active part in the activity of the forum’s sections. Because only the bringing of science and the industry closer to each other is able to become the driving force behind the development of the high-tech industries. Such scientific-industrial environment would allow the companies in the Turbomachinery and power engineering innovative regional cluster to get access to global joint projects.

“And the tangible result has already been obtained. We have come to understand what needs to be done to build collaboration. The teams ready to start solving concrete industrial tasks posed to the cluster’s companies have been established. In particular, we’ve received concrete proposals in the frame of the production engineering section of the forum while the additive manufacturing section can be looked at as a successful forum on its own, - adds Dmitriy Ivanov, NPO Saturn innovative development director. - The results of the forum participation will be taking form gradually throughout the year. It is crucial that the new projects turn out effective businesswise meaning that they are expected to yield a concrete economic result.”

Summarizing the results of the second international technological forum “Innovations. Technologies. Manufacturing” UEC deputy general director for innovative development and quality Dmitriy Kolodyazhnyi noted: “I greatly appreciate what was done in the course of the forum. It fully corresponds to its original concept, i.e. to create the scientific-technological backlog as seen by UEC. The achievements demonstrated to the forum participants didn’t look like bland presentations, in fact, they contained real value for the corporation. The forum has emerged as a very useful event which I, personally, will fully support and promote. And, I hope that the Rybinsk forum will see its further development and that next time, for its third time, it will bring together even more representatives of the UEC companies.”

In the course of the second international technological forum “Innovations. Technologies. Manufacturing” the winners of the competition “The youth in science” were presented with awards.

Following the 3-day session of the 8th UEC Lean workshop, the Lean department of UEC discerned 5 change leaders: O. Trofimov (Kuznetsov), S. Cherepanov (Aviadvigatel), I. Smirnov (Salut), P. Nesevrya (PMZ) and N. Glivenko (Ikar). Considering the format of the 8th UEC Lean workshop, NPO Saturn being the host of the event, did not participate in that nomination. The high level of organization and execution of the Lean workshop hosted by NPO Saturn was acknowledged. In the “Best project” nomination, the victory went to the project implemented in the NPO Saturn shop 32 titled “Increasing efficiency of the NC-machines area”.

Diplomas and memorable gifts, provided by the forum sponsors, went to the presenters of the best reports delivered at the scientific-technical conference dedicated to the 100th birthday of the chief designer P.A. Kolesov:
The “Material science and design’ section: I. Badamshin “Modeling of properties of designed refractory alloys used in the production of gas turbines” (UGATU, Ufa); I. Khryaschev “Development of an economically doped single-crystal alloy” (RSATU, Rybinsk).

The “Gas dynamics and combustion” section: . Evdokimov "Efficiency of fuel burn in swirled burning devices". (RSATU, Rybinsk); V. Sychenkov and R. Khaliulin “Study of the characteristics of a gas ejector with the optimized front inlet area" (A.N. Tupolev KNITU-KAI, Kazan); E. Kolesova “Experimental study of the heat exchange in the models of gas turbine blades through a regular heat mode" (RSATU, Rybinsk).

The “Dynamics and mechanical strength” section:  . Pakhomenkov, V. Voinova, A. Yarkin and D. Gabov “Calculation of the GTE rotor critical rotational speeds using ANSYS» (NPO Saturn, Rybinsk); . Sobul and A. Karachalov “Normalization of casting defects identified on the blades of the small-sized GTE turbines” (NPO Saturn, Rybinsk); E. Medvedeva and Y. Ravikovich “Automation of the data acquisition process in the process of ground testing of gas turbine engines» (MAI (NIU), Moscow).

The “Production engineering in the machine-building industry” section: Y. Mironov “Nanotechnologies of plasma coatings used in the machining of composite materials" (MGTU, Moscow); K. Kulga and A. Polovinkin “Models and methods of creating an automated information system for designing machine tool fixtures" (Motor, Ufa); M. Timofeyev, M. Elkin and V. Bezyazychnyi "Impact of the cutting tool coatings on the residual stress in the surface layer of a part at butt milling" (RSATU, Rybinsk).
The “Metrology and certification” section: . Didenko, S. Mishenkov, D. Dmitriyev, A. Sokolov and A. Akhteryakov “Application and evolution of laser-optical diagnostics of gas flows (SGAU, Samara); B. Chichigin “Development of an innovative system of inspection of gas turbine engine blades in service” (Turbodiagnostika).

The organizers of the Rybinsk-based second international technological forum “Innovations. Technologies. Manufacturing” - the government of the Yaroslavl Region, the Yaroslavl regional Turbomachinery and power engineering cluster whereby NPO Saturn acts as the coordinator, the P.A. Solovyev Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University and the Rybinsk city hall invite all the interested organizations and companies to join the team of innovative leaders next year.

The NPO Saturn Research and Production Association (OJSC) is an engine-manufacturing company specialized in the design and development, production, and after-market support of gas turbine engines for military and commercial aviation, naval ships, and power-generating plants and gas-pumping units. The association is part of the Union of Russian Mechanical Engineers, an All-Russian public organization.

NPO Saturn is part of United Engine Corporation (JSC) and acts as the leader of the Commercial Engines Division, a business unit of UEC founded on 09.10.2012 as a result of integration of the following companies: NPO Saturn (OJSC), Aviadvigatel (OJSC), PMZ (OJSC), Metallist-PM (CJSC), Energetik-PM (OJSC), Motoservis-PM (CJSC), and Zheleznodorozhnik-PM (CJSC).

United Engine Corporation (JSC) (a Rostec State Corporation company) is an integrated organization specialized in the design and development, serial production, and after-market support of the engines for military and commercial aviation, space programs, the Navy, as well as for the oil and gas industry, and power generation. One of UEC’s prioritized fields of activity is the implementation of comprehensive programs of development of the companies in the industry by introducing new technologies meeting the world-class standards. In 2013 revenues of the corporation amounted to RUB 158.9 billion.

The Rostec State Corporation is a Russian corporation established in 2007 in order to facilitate the development, manufacturing, and export of high-technology industrial products of military and commercial application. Today, it comprises over 700 companies, which form 9 defense-industrial and 5 civil industry holdings, as well as 22 direct control companies. The Rostec portfolio includes such renowned brands as AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, Russian Helicopters, VSMPO-AVISMA, etc. Rostec’s subsidiaries are located in 60 regions of Russia and deliver their products to over 70 countries worldwide. In 2013 revenues of the corporation amounted to RUB 1.04 trillion. Total taxation exceeded RUB 138 billion.

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