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The best school deserves the best museum

Site news 23.03.2016

The P.F. Derunov elementary school No. 12 of Rybinsk is located in a city district which was built in the 70-80’s with a lot of personal involvement of Pavel Derunov. Nowadays, this modern educational establishment having around 1000 students is destined to emerge as a career-guidance center for upbringing new generations of engine builders in the best traditions of the company.
A spacious, well-lit office on the third floor of the school’s “East” building is the P.F. Derunov school museum. Its main expositions are dedicated to the life and work of Mr. Pavel Fyodorovich Derunov, the evolution of industry in Rybinsk and school’s own achievements. The school museum started receiving active support in 2012, and the participants of the joint project are confident that this collaboration will only be getting stronger.
“It is important that the best school has the best museum. We are elaborating a concept of the museum development and creation of a regional career-guidance center on its territory, - says the NPO Saturn HR director Dmitriy Barvinok. - We want the career-guidance-related activities to elevate to a more quality systemic level, which would enable us to solve more efficiently the tasks of popularizing the technical education and engineering work as well as fostering a sense of patriotism in young kids. We would like to see more real exhibits in the museum, changeable expositions, a lecture-presentation auditorium equipped with all the necessary multimedia gadgets allowing to conduct seminars, conferences and set up meetings with the experts of our company. Some elements of all these paths are already being implemented, however we need to move on and develop them further. The year 2016 marking a centenary of Mr. Derunov will be crucial for the future of this project, while the school No. 12, NPO Saturn and the departments of education of Rybinsk and the Yaroslavl Region have already shown interest in its further development.


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