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Under the Saturns brand: Rybinsk celebrated its 239th birthday

Site news 29.08.2016

On August 27, the citizens of Rybinsk celebrated the City Day. This event has not been celebrated so brightly in Rybinsk for a long time. The sunny weather and an eventful program attracted thousands of citizens to the squares and streets of the city. The holiday impressions were striking; according to estimates of the participants and mass media this was a model City Day. The main events were dedicated to the Year of the Russian Cinema, the 80th anniversary of the Yaroslavl Region and the 100th anniversary of the budget-making company - NPO Saturn PJSC - that gave stunning gifts to the citizens. The exhibition of the companys up-to-date product range, i.e. the D-30KP-2, SaM146, AL-55, GTD-4RM, and 36MT engines, the exposition These are our history lines, the Sukhoi SuperJet 100 flying display, the exhibition performance of the Rus aerobatics team and the Avaria Disco concert all these the Rybinsk citizens could observe during the City Day celebrations thanks to support and participation of NPO Saturn PJSC in honor of the coming Companys centenary.
On its 239th birthday Rybinsk hosted the ‘Great Bread Way’ racecourse semi-marathon, the First All-Russian energy-saving festival VMESTE YARCHE (altogether it is brighter) and the gastronomical holiday ‘Buy Local Stuff!’ Various workshops and exhibition performances of sportsmen were brought for the attention of the live audience; an interactive program ‘Burlaky (Barge Haulers) on the Volga’ and sight-seeing tours, the Youth Energy festival of street cultures and the Summer Herbs floristic festival, concerts of amateur talent groups and professional actors, performances and creative events, parade of the boats manufactured by the Vympel Shipbuilding Facility and exhibition of the Rysskaya Mekhanica product line.

At the performance venue of engine-builders on the Derunov Square, the most creative employees and representatives of the Company dynasties took part in the gala-concert of the Saturn Talents amateur performance and in the Dynasties contest-festival. Awarding of the winners of the corporate foremen competition also took place here. The most prominent citizens of Rybinsk were awarded at the ceremony in honor of the City Day held on the square near the Polyot Sports Palace. Among them there were six employees of NPO Saturn PJSC. As per resolution of the Rybinsk Municipal Council, Deputy General Designer-Chief Designer of the SaM146 Project Georgy Konyukhov and First Deputy Director, Human Resources Yuri Pautov were awarded a rank of the Rybinsk Honorary Citizen. Marks of Distinction For Merit to the Rybinsk City were given to Deputy Managing Director on Security Boris Dyachenko, Deputy Chief Engineer on Occupational and Industrial Safety Nikolai Zobov, Senior Specialist responsible for staff development of the Science and Personnel Development Team Anatoly Lysenko, and Managing Director of OOO PromStroiZakazchik Lyudmila Safronova.

The awarding ceremony was attended by the acting Governor of the Yaroslavl Region Dmitry Mironov, the Head of the Rybinsk City District Denis Dobryakov, Chairman of the Rybinsk City District Municipal Council Konstantin Dolgov, Vice Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Edinaya Rossia (United Russia) faction leader in the RF State Duma, Colonel-General Vladimir Vasiliev, the first space-woman of the world, Hero of the Soviet Union, Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, high councilor of the Edinaya Rossia Valentina Tereshkova, and NPO Saturn PJSC Managing Director Viktor Polyakov. From the board of the International Space Station the citizens were congratulated on the City Day and the 100th anniversary of NPO Saturn PJSC by the fellow-townsman Aleksei Ovchinin.

In his greeting Dmitry Mironov noted: “Rybinsk is the city of engine builders. Production facilities of the city make weighty contributions to the Russian economy, to the national defense capability. This year the order bearer NPO Saturn will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Thanks to your work, diligence and endeavor the city has grown stronger, more beautiful and it is evolving”.
“Rybinsk is the city with amazingly rich and interesting history; this is the city of workers and intellectuals, large industrial facilities. This is a modern developing city open for business communication, implementation of joint projects and investment cooperation”, Denis Dobryakov said.
According to Viktor Polyakov, “Rybinsk and the Rybinsk Engine-Building Plant are the twin brothers. Life of more than 80 000 of Rybinsk citizens is directly or indirectly connected with the activity of the budget-making Company. It is very important that our Company can provide steady operation for the years to come”.



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