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The 300th SaM146 engine for the SSJ100 aircraft was assembled at "UEC-Saturn" in Rybinsk

Site news 12.10.2017

Moscow, October 12, 2017

The 300th Russian-French production SaM146 engine installed on Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) passenger airlines was assembled at PJSC "UEC-Saturn" (a part of United Engine Corporation (JSC), a Rostec State Corporation company) in Rybinsk and was delivered as a PPS part to JSC SCAC. As of today, the total operating time of the SaM146 fleet exceeds 700 thousand flight hours.
SaM146 is an integrated PPS including an engine and a nacelle with a reverser unit.  SaM146 deliveries and all after sales support services are managed by PowerJet (a joint venture based on the principles of equal partnership between Safran Aircraft Engines and "UEC-Saturn"). "UEC-Saturn" is responsible for the development and production of the fan and low pressure compressor (LPC), low pressure turbine (LPT), SaM146 engine assembly and tests; Safran Aircraft Engines is in charge of the high pressure compressor (HPC), combustion chamber, high pressure turbine (HPT), accessory gear box, engine control unit and PPS integration. The SaM146 engine as well its production is certified in compliance with EASA and IAC AR regulations.

The first SaM146 engine was shipped in 2010 and its commercial operation as part of the SSJ100 aircraft started in 2011. Today, the SaM146 PPS boosts into the air the aircraft of 15 Russian Airlines (Aeroflot, Yakutia, IrAero, Gaspromavia, Azimut and other Operators) as well as in other countries, such as Mexico, Ireland, Thailand (the Royal Air Forces) and Kazakhstan. 

"The SaM146 engine and Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft are sold not only in Russia but also abroad, - says Mikhail Berdennikov, PJSC UEC-Saturn's SaM146 Program Director.  - And the operating experience of our engines is rather successful at different places of the planet, especially, in different weather conditions, - in hot and high altitude Mexico and in cold Yakutia. The engine shows good flight behavior everywhere. It is nice that the dispatch reliability of the PPS which has been in service for less than 10 years is 99.9 %. It meets the best world standards.  As compared with other engines of the world aviation industry, for example, CFM-56 engines whose different configurations have been in operation for more than 40 years, our engine has just started to pick up steam. We constantly work on the improvement of the product itself.  Today, there are four certified modifications of the SaM146 engine: 1S17 - the baseline version, 1S18 – an increased-thrust engine, 1S17С and 1S18С for the business jet".

Two SaM146 spare parts distribution centers have been built in Lytkarino located near Moscow and in French Villaroche in order to create a Customer support system complying with the world standards. Such localization of warehouses allows delivering spares to any part of the world within 24 hours. Two training centers are available in Russia and France for training of airlines' engineering staff and two repair shops for timely maintenance and shop visits. There is  a web-portal and a round-the-clock customer support center established.

    "The engine design allows managing after sales support in a quite flexible manner, - says Mikhail Berdennikov. - It can be easily dismounted from the wing.  There is easy access to the engine. It is easy to replace components in case of line maintenance. The SaM146 engine has a modular design, and when the on-condition operation concept applied there is no need to disassemble the engine fully during shop visits if it is required to replace some parts or to repair one of the modules. As for passengers' comfort and environmental behaviour, I would like to point out that the SaM146 engine is in compliance with all associated international requirements. The engine operates quietly and the cabin is comfortable".

However, SaM146 upgrading in terms of maintainability, life and technical parameters is ongoing.

PJSC "UEC-Saturn" is an engine-manufacturing company specialized in the design and development, production and after-market support of gas turbine engines for military and commercial aviation, power generation and gas compression as well as for ships and vessels. UEC-Saturn is part of United Engine Corporation. It is located in Rybinsk (Yaroslavl region). UEC Saturn is a member of Russia’s Mechanical Engineers Union, an All-Russian industrial association of employers. The Yaroslavl regional division of the All-Russian public organization ‘Russia’s Mechanical Engineers Union’ is headed by Viktor A. Polyakov, Managing Director of NPO Saturn.

United Engine Corporation (JSC) (a Rostec State Corporation company) is an integrated organization specialized in the design and development, serial production and after-market support of engines for military and commercial aviation, space programs, the Navy as well as for the oil and gas industry and power generation. One of UEC’s prioritized fields of activity is the implementation of comprehensive programs of development of the industry’s companies by introducing new technologies meeting the world-class standards.

Rostec State Corporation is a Russian corporation established in 2007 in order to facilitate the development, manufacturing and export of high-technology industrial products of military and commercial application. The corporation comprises 700 companies, which form 11 defense-industrial and 3 civil industry holdings as well as 80 direct control companies. Rostec’s subsidiaries are located in 60 regions of Russia and deliver their products to over 70 countries worldwide.The Rostec portfolio spans such renowned brands as AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, Kalashnikov Concern, Russian Helicopters, VSMPO-AVISMA, Uralvagonzavod and others. Rostec' s consolidated revenue reached 1 trillion 266 billion rubles in 2016. Rostec's consolidated net revenue reached 88 billion rubles, and  EBITDA  reached 268 billion rubles in 2016. The corporation's average salary in 2016 amounted 44 000 rubles. Following Rostec's new strategy, the major objective of the Corporation is to ensure the technological advantage of Russia at the competitive world markets. The implementation of a new technological wave and digitalization of Russian economics is one of Rostec's tasks.

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