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UEC-Saturns oldest veteran Gennady Mullin was awarded on the threshold of the Great Victorys jubilee year

Site news 23.12.2019

December 23, 2019, Rybinsk. In anticipation of the Victorys 75th anniversary Gennady Mullin, one of UEC-Saturns oldest veterans, was awarded the commemorative medal The 75th Anniversary of the Victory. To a Home Front Worker for his active patriotic work aimed at bringing up the younger generation.

In order to keep historic memory and to commemorate the 75th birthday of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, the coming year 2020 is announced to be “a year of memory and glory” in the Russian Federation. Rybinsk engine builders made an invaluable contribution to achieve the Victory. The work at the engine plant during the war was equivalent to military service, however a part of the staff – over 6 thousand people – fought on fronts of the Great Patriotic War. There are fewer and fewer witnesses of those far-away events and now it is important to listen to them, to remember all they tell us about so as to understand the price paid by our people for the Victory.
At UEC-Saturn (part of United Engine Corporation, Rostec State Corporation, a member of the All-Russian industrial association of employers “Russia’s Mechanical Engineers Union”) the company’s veterans and especially participants of the Great Patriotic War and home front workers are constantly given much attention. A number of events to celebrate the Great Victory are planned at UEC-Saturn for veterans, including granting them well-deserved awards and commemorative gifts. Gennady A. Mullin was the first who received an award within the scope of anniversary events on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Victory.

Gennady is a frequent guest in educational institutions of Rybinsk. He is pleased to speak about his wartime childhood, vocational choice and labour path at the engine plant where he worked for half a century. 
Gennady wished today’s generation of engine builders and those who would be employed by UEC-Saturn in the future to be patriots of our Motherland, to love our country, city and company. “We did not work for nothing, we were focused on the result,” says the veteran. “We were genuinely pleased with the company’s success, production ramp-up, new engines shipped from the plant and were proud of having something to do with that.”

Gennady Mullin is 91 years old. When the war broke out, he was 13. He worked on a collective farm and studied at school. His two elder brothers were killed at the front. The victorious May of 1945 found him in the 10th form. In 1951 after graduating from the Kazan Aviation Institute he was sent to the Rybinsk engine plant. For 50 years in the company he worked his way up from shift foreman to aviation production manager. Gennady acted as head of shops No.31, 5, 34, 73, 35. His efforts were rewarded with an order of the Badge of Honour, an order of the Red Banner of Labour, plenty of medals and certificates of honour from the Aviation Industry Ministry.

“This is a person whose work we can be proud of and who we can follow,” pointed out Valery Semenov, Chairman of UEC-Saturn Veteran Union, while presenting Gennady with the award. “We do our best for people really contributing to patriotic upbringing of the young to be awarded and known, for our children to love their Motherland and city, to stay and work here and to create all required for the prosperity of our county. That is what we should give them credit for.”

The veteran organization of UEC-Saturn consists of about 7 thousand people. Twenty-one (21) of them are direct participants of the war events of 1941-1945, over 300 people are those who brought closer the Victory Day on the home front – worked for the company taking over from their parents, elder brothers and sisters. Our contemporaries feel endlessly thankful to the Winners!

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