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The E70/8RD is a marine dual-fuel gas-turbine engine, designed for application within power plants of civil ships, driving the electric generators and gas compressors within on-shore and off-shore industrial facilities, rated at low-to-medium capacity (from 8 MW and above).


• UEC-Saturn: development, production and after-sale services of the marine gas turbines, integration and delivery of the marine propulsion modules and gas-turbine generator sets

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Design features

• 10-stage compressor

• annular combustion chamber

• 2-stage compressor turbine

• 3-stage power turbine


Gas-turbine engine E70/8RD
Shaft power output, MW 8.48
Electric power output, MW 8.0
Heat power output, Gcal/h 10.69 ... 11.43
Thermal efficiency, % 34.2
Electric efficiency, % 32.9
Output shaft speed, rpm 6 000
Usable fuel gaseous / diesel fuel
Fuel consumption (at nominal power), kg/h 1 800 / 2 100
Exhaust gas temperature, °С 500
Exhaust gas flow, kg/s 30
Dimensions (L х B х H), m 4.00 х 2.00 х 2.00
Weight (on frame), t 5.0

For reference purposes. Specifications depend on the facility type and the equipment applied.


• possibility to use different fuels: gaseous fuels (natural gas, oil gas) and liquid fuels (kerosene, diesel fuel)

• capability to switch from one type of fuel to another without engine stop

• high efficiency

• corrosion and maritime climate resistance design, approved by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

• high reliability and long service lives of gas turbines and derived propulsion systems (HP Core, proven in operation within the drives of gas-pumping units)

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E70/8RD gas-turbine engine is the base of SGTG-8 gas-turbine electrical generator set with 8MW electrical output, designed for application within a wide range of civil ships, as well as within power plants of industrial and municipal facilities (incl. on-shore and off-shore).


The SGTG-8 includes all advantages of E70/8RD, as well as: the best mass-dimension parameters; water-free operation capability; high maintainability; low irrevocable oil losses.

E70/8RD and SGTG-8 variants of application:

• electrical propulsion systems

• vessels and platforms for exploratory drilling; floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels

• drilling platforms for off-shore oil and gas fields servicing (oil and gas extraction/production, loading and pipeline transportation)

• on-shore/harbor/floating plants for hydrocarbons processing, loading, pumping, as well as natural/casing-head gas liquefaction

• hydrocarbons transportation systems (oil and gas-pumping stations), operated at maritime/arctic climatic conditions

SGTG-8 can be applied within any industrial and municipal facilities for heat and electric power generation.


Gas-turbine electrical generator set SGTG-8
Electric power output, MW 8
Heat power output, Gcal/h 11.43
Electric efficiency, % 32.9
Usable fuel gaseous / diesel fuel
Nominal voltage, V 6 300
Electric current frequency, Hz 50
Dimensions (L x B x H), m 12.5 x 2.5 x 3.1
Weight (on frame), t 49.0

For reference purposes. Specifications depend on the facility type and the equipment applied.

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