Customer support and services D-30KU/KP-2 approved lives

For the purpose of authenticity acknowledgement of D-30KP, D-30KP-2 engines operation by the civil organizations and providing of a due level of a flight safety, NPO Saturn JSC and Ilyushin Aviation Complex JSC together with Aviation authorities of the Russian Federation and other countries perform activities on detection of illegal aircraft and engines operators.

NPO Saturn specialists made up the full list of engines with authentic data about their latter overhauls and fulfillment of works on life extension, which had been made in compliance with all requirements of the legislative acts and technical documentation of the Russian Federation.

The presented data will be submitted to the Air authorities of the Russian Federation and other countries where Ilyushin-76 aircraft are operated as well as to the main Russian and foreign customers who orders cargo transportations by this aircraft type. This information may form the basis for decision-making on the Ilyushin-76 aircraft permission to fly in the airspace of the various states and also may be used by customers for the expediency definition to make agreements with Ilyushin-76 aircraft operators.

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In case of any remark and proposal on the contents, data presentation and user interface occurrence please apply to following addresses:
• A. Nukolov, Phone: +7 4855 296 626, E-mail: andrey.nukolov@npo-saturn.ru
• A. Gushchin, Phone: +7 4855 296 626, E-mail: alexandr.guschin@npo-saturn.ru

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