Engines for military aircraft and UAS Small-sized engines

Development: NPO Saturn JSC, OMKB JSC.
Production: NPO Saturn JSC, OMKB JSC.

36MT and other small-sized engines are the turbofan engines, designed for powering the unmanned vehicles (cruise missiles), including the multiuse ones.

NPO Saturn serially produces the engines for the Russian Ministry of Defence and for export.

Design features (36MT)
• high pressure spool – axial-diagonal compressor and single stage axial turbine
• low pressure spool – single stage fan with wide-chord blades and single stage axial turbine
• annular combustion chamber
• self-contained oil system
• electron-hydraulic control system
• 4 KW built-in electrical generator

Small-sized engines are used as:
• cruise engines for the Kh-59ME and Kh-59MK family of aircraft-based cruise missiles developed by GosMKB Raduga (Russia)
• cruise engines for the 3M-54E/E1 and 3M-14E family of sea-based cruise missiles developed by OKB Novator (Russia)

Kh-59MK and Kh-59ME «air-to-surface» class and anti-ship cruise missiles are able to efficiently strike a wide range of stationary land-based targets, as well as of wide range of radar-contrast sea-surface targets, in both fair and adverse weather conditions, at sea disturbance up to 6.
3M-54E, 3M54E1 anti-ship and 3M14E land-attack cruise missiles are applied within «Club» integrated missile systems in different deployments: surface ships, submarines, land / coast-based systems. «Club» missile systems provide high-efficiency attack of surface, subsurface and coast-based targets at the long-haul distances, using a covert approach of missile to the target area, escaping air defense systems, and striking from any direction.

• high fuel efficiency: <0.7 kg/(kgf∙h)
• high specific frontal thrust: >5.3 t/m2
• high start reliability
• work in full range of environmental operating conditions

Specification (=0, =0, )
Thrust at maximum rating, kgf 450
Maximum length, mm 850
Maximum diameter, mm 330
Weight, kg <100

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