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Saturn–Gas Turbines is the Russian Energy Olympus–2008 award laureate.

Site news 2.07.2008
In the photo: Veniamin Mezhibovsky, General director of Saturn–Gas Turbines at the Russian Energy Olympus–2008 award laureates ceremony.
July 2, 2008, Rybinsk. Saturn–Gas Turbines became a laureate of the Russian Energy Olympus–2008 annual Russian award in the National Gas-Turbine Energy Leader nomination.

The Russian Energy Olympus–2008 award laureates ceremony was held in Moscow on June 26, 2008 in the GlavUpDK MID Cultural Center. To the experts and social councils meeting results, the awards have been taken by enterprises rightfully considered as Leaders of the Russian Energy Sector. Representatives of public authorities, leaders of regional administrations and branch departments, elite of the Russian business and social organizations, national figures of science and leaders of profile mass media were among the award ceremony guests.
NPO Saturn is a leading engine-building company specialized in development, manufacture and after-sales service of gas-turbine engines for military and civil aviation, Navy ships, power-generating and gas-pumping units.
Saturn–Gas Turbines is a subsidiary of NPO Saturn – integrator and integral supplier of high performance ground power equipment for Gasprom, RAO EES Rossii, housing and communal services, municipal formations, power-consuming industrial enterprises, oil-and-gas companies needs. Saturn–Gas Turbines realizes the ground gas-turbine energy projects (design, manufacture, after-sales service, installation and commissioning of gas-turbine units rated at 2,5 to 110 MW, packaged building of power-generating units, manufacture of equipment for Nuclear Power Plants).
NPO Saturn press office:
Tel: (495)787-14-63, e-mail: press@npo-saturn.ru



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