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NPO Saturn has delivered its customer a 110 megawatt GTD-110 engine to complete the Ivanovo combined-cycle power plant’s block №2

Site news 26.12.2011
December, 26th 2011, Rybinsk. – NPO Saturn has fully executed its 2011 plan of supplying high-power gas-turbine engines to INTER RAO UES OJSC. Today the company shipped off to its customer the high-power GTD-110 №7 generating 10 megawatts of power. This is a second high-power gas-turbine engine intended for completing the block №2 of the Ivanovo combined-cycle power plant (a subsidiary of INTER RAO UES OJSC), generating 325 megawatts of power. The shipment of GTD-110 №6 for the second power block took place in July of this year.

At this moment there are three high-power industrial turbines manufactured by NPO Saturn put into industrial operation – two GTD-110 engines №3 and 4 operate as part of the block №1 of the Ivanovo combined-cycle power plant, one GTD-110 engine №5 – as part of the CCPP of the Ryazan state district power plant.
The GTD-110 № 6 after completing its commissioning tests at the Ivanovo state district power plant test bench was installed in the block №2 cell to perform commissioning and preparation for comprehensive tests of the entire power-generating system. 
The pilot GTD-110 №2 having reached its MTBR being 25 000 hours is undergoing inspection at NPO Saturn to be subsequently overhauled by the company.
In the frame of implementing its high-power industrial turbine production program, NPO Saturn also carries out a number of actions aimed at enhancing operating performance and in-service reliability of the GTD-110 engine and is constantly working on improving its customer support network.
The GTD-110 engine project has been put on the list of the MC ODK prioritized programs, which guarantees its further development.



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