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Customer support and services Aviation training center

Aviation training center

The Aviation training center (ATC) of UEC-Saturn was founded on 11 March 2010 and is now a part of after sale support system of the SaM146 engine.

ATC offers a range of courses in the SaM146 engine maintenance for the maintenance staff of airlines, repair organizations and UEC-Saturn mechanics in full compliance with Russian and European Aviation Standards.


ATC occupies several administrative rooms, training classrooms and a work shop area of 1010 sq.m.:
• 2 classrooms for theoretical training, each for 15 students; the classrooms are equipped with instructor’s computers, projectors, white screens
• work shop dedicated to practical training is equipped with the engine mock-up identical with the serial configuration engine
• standard tools and special equipment used for in-service maintenance

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Training courses

ATC training courses are developed based on the requirements of the ATA104 International Standard; they give students the possibility of acquiring theoretical knowledge and getting practice in accomplishing maintenance tasks. ATC offers 3 approved training courses:

• General Familiarization training course. The course provides a description of the engine basic operating principles, the general concept of maintenance, the location of engine major modules & systems. The course is dedicated to training of engineers and mechanics. The theoretical course duration is 1.5 day.

• Line and Base Maintenance training course. The course provides a description of basic operating principles of the engine major modules and components, systems operating principles in a line maintenance context; it gives understanding of the FADEC system fault strategy, the nacelle functions, the maintenance concept in accordance with Aircraft Maintenance Manual. The course includes the practical training, particularly: Line Replaceable Units removal & installation on the SaM146 engine mock-up. The course is dedicated to the maintenance mechanics. The course duration is 5 days.

• Borescope Inspection training course. The course provides a description of the engine flow path, the location of borescope ports. The course includes practical training in standard borescope inspection on the SaM146 engine mock-up. The course is dedicated to borescope inspectors. The course duration is 2 days.

Theoretical & Practical training are scheduled as 60/40. Upon successful completion of training, the students are awarded the Certificates.

Licenses and Certificates

[ax class="inv" src="img/editifr/2015/35_0_l1.jpg"]Certificate of FAVT (Rosaviatsiya) ⇒[/ax] [ax class="inv" src="img/editifr/2015/35_0_l2.jpg"]License of Education Department of Yaroslavl region ⇒[/ax] [ax class="inv" src="img/editifr/2015/35_0_l3.jpg"]Certificate of Department of Civil Aviation of Lao PDR ⇒[/ax]

Leaders and Instructors

Yuri I. Slavny, ATC manager
Oleg I. Bazhan, Quality manager
Anna Y. Yurina, Instructor/Examiner
Nikolay D. Vikulin, Instructor/Examiner


Phone: +7 (4855) 324-567, 296-323
Fax: +7 (4855) 324-567, 296-323
e-mail: training.center@npo-saturn.ru

Contacts (sales)
Contacts (after sales support)


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