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UEC is ready to offer the first marine gas-turbine units GTA-8 for oil and gas projects in the Arctic

RSS-news | 27.12.2017
Moscow, December 27, 2017

The first Russian gas-turbine unit GTA-8 designed by United Engine Corporation (a Rostec State Corporation company) for oil and gas platforms can be effectively used to develop the Russian Arctic. Its design includes solutions that are unique for domestic engine-building and allow the unit to be applied with the maximum effectiveness in the severe environment of the Extreme North.
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PJSC UEC-Saturn has become the winner of the Prize Time of Innovations-2017

December 18, Rybisnk. UEC-Saturns project related to additive technologies became the best in the nomination Technical Innovation of the Year, category Engineering and Design of the Seventh Annual Prize Time of Innovations-2017 awarded for the best practices of implementation, elaboration and development of innovations in various fields. The prize numbers 22 nominations and about 50 different categories. Time of Innovations prize winners are leaders of Russian economy who define innovative activity as a priority strategy and business model. The key assessment criteria are the systematic character, range and effectiveness of companies innovative activity.
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Dmitry Rogozin handed out State awards to UEC-Saturn employees

December 06, 2017, Rybinsk. Following decrees and an executive order of the President of the Russian Federation 22 employees of UEC-Saturn were awarded State awards, an Honorary Diploma and Notes of Gratitude of the RF President. Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Chairman of Military Industrial Committee Collegium of the RF, handed out the awards in a formal manner in the presence of Dmitry Mironov, Governor of the Yaroslavl Region. The awarding ceremony was held on December 6, 2017 in the Government House of the Russian Federation in Moscow.
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UEC has accepted the Quality Management System Development Concept until 2025

Moscow, November 23, 2017

United Engine Corporation (a Rostec State Corporation company) accepted the Quality Management System (QMS) Development Concept defining its main improvement trends until 2025 and ensuring a single approach to the establishment and operation of the QMS of the holding companies.
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UEC's young specialists have won three gold medals at WorldSkills Hi-Tech 2017

Moscow, November 9, 2017

Within Rostec's united team young, specialists of United Engine Corporation (a Rostec State Corporation company) won three gold medals in the main competencies at the IV National Competition of Cross-Industry Jobs in High-Tech Industries according to the WorldSkills HiTech methodology 2017, held in Yekaterinburg.
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Aleksandr Venikov at Worldskills Hi-Tech 2017 (10.11.2017)

UEC-Saturns Managing Director meets participants of the World Festival of Youth and Students

November 01, 2017, Rybinsk. - A meeting between Viktor Polyakov, Deputy General Director - UEC-Saturn Managing Director, the Saturn participants of the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi and the participants of the upcoming National Competition of Cross-Industry Jobs in High-Tech Industries according to the WorldSkills HiTech methodology in Ekaterinburg took place in PJSC "UEC-Saturn" (a part of United Engine Corporation, a Rostec State Corporation company).
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Viktor Polyakov meeting with youth (collective photo) (01.11.2017)

PJSC UEC-Saturn has corroborated its high status in the area of ecology and labour safety

November 01, 2017, Rybinsk. UEC-Saturn became the first enterprise in the Yaroslavl region, that was granted with Grateful letter from Rosprirodnadzor and corroborated a high level of the systems of labour safety management and ecological management.
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Common photo of the meeting participants (01.11.2017)
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Handing of Certificates in ecology and labour protection spheres (01.11.2017)
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Meeting on the results of the audit in UEC-Saturn_(01.11.2017)
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Ecological management certificate (October 2017)
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Labour protection certificate (October 2017)
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Grateful letter from Rosprirodnadzor (2017)

ProeKTOrIA in action: on the UEC's initiative a student from Kaliningrad is familiarizing with holding enterprises

October 31, 2017, Rybinsk. On October 30, 2017 PJSC "UEC-Saturn" (a part of United Engine Corporation (JSC), a Rostec State Corporation company) was visited by guests from Kaliningrad: Sergey Petrov, Director of technology park "Quantorium", and Sergey Gorobets, grade 11 student - remote participant of forum "ProeKTOrIA". Program of the visit includes an enterprise tour and a meeting with Yuri Shmotin, Deputy General Director - General Designer, JSC "UEC". The result of familiarization with the activity of PJSC "UEC-Saturn" in Rybinsk and future visit of Perm enterprises "UEC-Perm Engines" (JSC) and "UEC-Aviadvigatel" (JSC) will be a supraliminal choice of profession - the choice granted to the talented student by Rostec State Corporation by way of an education certificate for studying in one of eight Russian leading technical institutions of higher education.
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A meeting with Yuri Shmotin, UEC's General Designer (31.10.2017)
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In the center of additive technologies (31.10.2017)
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In the test bench (31.10.2017)
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In the museum (31.10.2017)
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Yuri Shmotin welcomes guests in the museum (31.10.2017)



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