Company Design-experimental base

NPO Saturn has at its disposal the most powerful in Russia R&D basis for gas-turbine equipment development.

All this has become possible thanks to incorporation of the leading Russian aircraft engine design schools within NPO Saturn, with intake of the most experienced Russian specialists.

Experimental Design Bureau No.1 (Rybinsk). Defining general principles of the engineering policy of the Company and R&D directions, development of civil aircraft engines, and industrial gas-turbine engines.

A.Lyulka Scientific-and-Technical Center (Moscow). Military aircraft engines development.

Scientific-and-Technical Center (St. Petersburg). Marine gas-turbine units development.

Engineering Center (Perm). Design-analytical work.

NPO Saturn Design Department:
  • Staff – 4600 people
  • Average age – 43 years
  • 70 Doctors of Science (Ph.D.)
The amount of the research works performed by the NPO Saturn Design Department can be comparable with the amount of work performed by all the aircraft engine design bureaus of the former USSR. Various aircraft and industrial gas-turbine engines have been developed by the design bureaus: from small-size turbofans weighing 60 kg to gas-turbine engines weighing 50 t.

More than 11,5 bln rubles have been invested in R&D, in development of the scientific, technical and production basis of NPO Saturn. As a result, the design bureaus have been 100% computerized; the up-to-date calculation-and-analysis tools and advanced organization principles of the modern gas-turbine equipment development have been implemented.

The Design Bureau of the Company is one of the leading Russian centers in development of fundamental and applied science in the sphere of gas-turbine technologies. On the NPO Saturn premises, international scientific-and-practical conferences are organized. The Company sponsors publications of specialized studies and scientific reports.


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