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Engines for commercial and transport aircraft D-30KU/KP


The D-30KU/KP - family of the turbofan engines for commercial mainline and cargo / transport aircraft.


UEC-Saturn is a basic company for production and MRO of the D-30KU/KP engines, enjoying the right of the D-30KU/KP engines designer.

To ensure the flight safety, UEC-Saturn has prepared a complete list of the D-30КP/КP-2 engines, which have the reliable data about its latest repair / overhaul and service life extension in accordance with all requirements of Russian Airworthiness Authorities.

[imgx class="block" src="img/editifr/2015/115_0_s1.png"]
Design features

• 3 stages low pressure compressor

• 11 stages high pressure compressor

• cannular combustor (12 flame tubes)

• 2 stages high pressure turbine

• 4 stages low pressure turbine


Engine D-30КU-154 D-30КU-2 D-30КP-2
Take-off thrust, kgf 10 500 11 000 12 000
Specific fuel consumption at take-off, kg/(kgf∙hr) 0.498 0.498 0.510
Specific fuel consumption at cruise, kg/(kgf∙hr)* 0.715 0.685 0.705
Bypass ratio 2.50 2.31 2.24
Dimensions (L x D), m 5.698 х 1.560 5.698 х 1.560 5.448 x 1.560

* – (H=11 000 м; M=0.8)


High reliability - over 60 millions flight hours in operation; more than 8000 engines delivered, about 2000 engines are in operation worldwide.

Towards continuous improving the D-30KU/KP operational characteristics, upgrades are realized:

• to enhance the ecological performances

• to improve the in-flight reliability

• to increase the engine lives

[imgx class="block" src="img/editifr/2015/115_0_s2.jpg"]

• D-30KP and D-30KP-2 for Ilyushin-76/78 cargo / transport aircraft family

• D-30KU and D-30KU-2 for Ilyushin-62M long- / middle-range commercial jets

• D-30KU-154 for Tupolev-154M middle-range commercial jets


The Ilyushin-76 ramp jet transport aircraft is one of the most successful aircraft in its class in the world aviation history. The Ilyushin-76 aircraft and its modifications are widely used on the global air transportation market of oversized cargo:

• transportation in the interests of state agencies

• transportation of commercial cargos (aviation and space equipment, oil and gas equipment, etc.)

• transportation of humanitarian cargos (rescue equipment, mobile hospitals, etc.)

• fire-fighting missions

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