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Production base Information technologies

Complex application of information technologies has been implemented at all stages of the product life cycle beginning from the marketing research and designing through servicing.

Thanks to IT application, time for creation of new products is significantly reduced – from 10-12 years (4th generation equipment) to 3-4 years (5th generation equipment). NPO Saturn is one of the leaders of the Russia’s industry as far as the IT development is concerned.

IT support of the product life cycle

NPO Saturn IT Department supports all stages of the aircraft engine life cycle: development, production and servicing. The Company IT network has more than 6 thousand workstations at 6 sites located in 5 Russian cities.

Engine development stage systems:

  • Multi-criteria optimization of engine design
  • Data acquisition during development engine tests (the systems of this class have not been applied in Russia before)
  • Development engine digital mock-up and configuration management

Engine production and operation stage systems:

  • Serial engine configuration management
  • Issue of technical documentation
  • Management of spare parts delivery
  • Technical state assessment and prediction

The maximum efficient supercomputer in the Russia’s industry is in operation at NPO Saturn.

Application of the maximum efficient supercomputer allows saving of time for calculation of:
  • One point - 12..15 times
  • Component characteristics - 50..60 times


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