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Engines for commercial and transport aircraft SaM146


The SaM146 - integrated power plant (comprising turbofan engine, nacelle with thrust reverser, equipment) for new generation regional-mainline aircraft with 60-120 passenger capacity.


PowerJet SA: the SaM146 power plant and all after-sale services are delivered by PowerJet company (50/50 joint venture between SAFRAN Aircraft Engines and UEC-Saturn)

• SAFRAN Aircraft Engines (SAFRAN Group, France): core, accessory drive, control system, power plant integration, flight tests

• UEC-Saturn: fan, low pressure spool, final engine assembly, ground tests

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Design features

• fan with wide chord blades

• 3-stage low pressure compressor

• 6-stage high pressure compressor

• annular combustor

• 1-stage high pressure turbine

• 3-stage low pressure turbine


Power plant SaM146-1S17 SaM146-1S18
Take-off thrust with APR, kgf 7 836 8 056
Take-off thrust, kgf 7 120 7 477
Specific fuel consumption at cruise, kg/(kgf∙h) 0.63
Bypass ratio 4.43
Dimensions (with mixer) (L x D), m 2.070 x 1.220

APR - automatic power reserve


Compact, reliable, efficient and eco-friendly engine, based on combination of Western and Russian expertise, advanced and proven technologies:

• certified in accordance with EASA and IAC AR standards

• wide range of thrust

• high reliability (on a par with CFM56 standard)

• meets the ICAO ecological standards

• full commonality within aircraft family

• low cost of ownership

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SaM146 first application is the Superjet 100 aircraft family, created by Regional Aircraft - Branch of Irkut Corporation (UAC, Russia) in cooperation with Leonardo Aircraft (Italy):

• SaM146-1S17 for SSJ100-95B regional jet

• SaM146-1S18 for SSJ100-95LR regional jet and SBJ business jet

Superjet 100

SSJ100 aircraft feature:

• optimal capacity for regional-mainline air-traffic

• high level of passenger comfort (on a par with narrowbody aircraft)

• long range capability (comparable with narrowbody aircraft)

• low operational costs (10% less, than competition)

• compliance with the current and upcoming ICAO ecological standards

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