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Industrial gas turbines GTD-110


The GTD-110 is a single-shaft gas turbine, applied to drive the electric generators within high capacity power plants (from 110 to 495 MW and above).


• UEC-Saturn: development, production and after-sale services of the industrial gas turbines, integration and delivery of the high capacity gas-turbine power units

• Engineering, procurement and construction of the high capacity power plants are made by EPC-contractor at Customer’s option

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Design features

• 15-stage compressor

• cannular combustion chamber (20 flame tubes)

• 4-stage compressor turbine

• direct-drive connection with the generator


Gas turbine GTD-110
Shaft power output, MW 114.5
Electric power output, MW 110
Heat power output, Gcal/h 136.9
Thermal efficiency, % 36.0
Electric efficiency, % 35.2
Output shaft speed, rpm 3000
Usable fuel gaseous / diesel fuel
Fuel consumption (at nominal power), kg/h 23 000 / 27 300
Exhaust gas temperature, °С 517
Exhaust gas flow, kg/s 362
Dimensions (L х B х H), m 7.12 х 3.68 х 4.25
Weight (on frame), t 58

For reference purposes. Specifications depend on the facility type and the equipment applied.


• the best combination of high efficiency and low mass-dimension parameters for segment of 60-180 MW gas turbines

• high quality of output energy and good behavior at the unsteady conditions (thanks to single-shaft design as well)

• high efficiency (efficiency in combined cycle >50%, efficiency in cogeneration cycle >80%), that allows to reduce the cost of power generation

• possibility to use the different fuels: gaseous fuels (natural gas, oil gas) and liquid fuels (kerosene, diesel fuel)

• flexibility of integration of the GTD-110 and power plants on its base into the available infrastructure of power generating facilities

• assembly and commissioning of power generating plants in the shortest terms (supplying of the GTD-110 assembled on frame, using of advanced readiness modules)

• reduction of capital cost for power generating facilities upgrading / construction, reduction of operating cost

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The GTD-110 gas turbine is the base for the GTE-110 simple cycle power unit and the PGU-165/325/495/etc. combined-cycle power plants, rated at high output capacity (from 110 to 495 MW and above), designed for heat and electric power generation in simple, combined and cogeneration cycles.

GTE-110, PGU-165/325/495

The GTE-110 - simple cycle gas-turbine power unit, rated at 110 МW of electrical output, which comprises: GTD-110 gas turbine, electrical generator, ASC, other auxiliary equipment / systems. The GTE-110 has all advantages of the GTD-110 gas turbine, as well as: the block-module configuration ensures the convenience of mounting, operation and maintenance; high fuel efficiency, that allows to reduce the cost of power generation.

The PGU-165/325/495 - combined-cycle power plants, rated at 165 / 325 / 495 МW of electrical output, based on the GTE-110 gas-turbine power units. The PGUs are the full-fledged electrical power generating packages, which comprise all functional systems ensuring its efficient operation. The PGUs feature: high fuel efficiency, good behavior at the unsteady conditions, flexibility of integration into the available power infrastructure, low cost of ownership and fast payback, environmental friendliness that allows placing the power plants in the urban areas.


• electric and heat power generation in base, intermediate or peak loads

• modernization of steam-power blocks on outdated power generation plants

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Power plant / unit GTE-110 PGU-165 PGU-325 PGU-495
Electric power output, MW 110 165 325 495
Efficiency (simple cycle), % 35.2      
Efficiency (cogeneration cycle), % 85      
Efficiency (combined cycle), %   52.0 51.7 52.0
Nominal voltage, V 10 500
Electric current frequency, Hz 50
Diapason of automatic load change, % 25 ... 100      

For reference purposes. Specifications depend on the facility type and the equipment applied.

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