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Industrial gas turbines GTD-6/8RM


The GТD-6RМ and GTD-8RМ are the two-shaft gas turbines, applied to drive the electric generators within low-to-medium capacity power plants (from 6 to 64 MW and above).


• UEC-Saturn: development, production and after-sale services of the industrial gas turbines

• Engineering, procurement and construction of the energy facilities are made by UEC - Gas Turbines (UEC) or by other EPC-contractor at Customer’s option

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Design features

• 11-stage compressor

• cannular combustion chamber (12 flame tubes)

• 2-stage compressor turbine

• 4-stage power turbine


Gas turbine GTD-6RM GTD-8RM
Power output (ISO 2314), MW 6.38 8.44
Efficiency (ISO 2314), % 24.8 25.5
Output shaft speed, rpm 3000
Usable fuel gaseous / diesel fuel
Fuel consumption (at nominal power), kg/h 1 853 / 2 136 2 385 / 3 465
Exhaust gas temperature, °С 460 520
Exhaust gas flow, kg/s 46.2 51.0
Dimensions (L х B х H), m 3.4 x 2.3 x 2.5
Weight (on frame), t 5.62

For reference purposes. Specifications depend on the facility type and the equipment applied.


• GTD-6/8RM high reliability ensured by the operational experience of the D30KU/KP aircraft engine family

• GTD-6/8RM total running time in operation, within GTA and GTES, counts more than 3.5 mln. hours

• possibility to use different fuels: gaseous fuels (natural gas, oil gas) and liquid fuels (kerosene, diesel fuel)

• reduction of capital and maintenance costs thanks to commonality between GTD-6/8RM gas turbines and D-30KU/KP aircraft engines

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The GТD-6/8RМ gas turbine is the base for the GTА-6/8RМ gas-turbine power units, used within the GTES-12/24/etc. power plants, rated at low-to-medium output capacity (from 6 to 64 MW and above), designed for heat and electric power generation in simple, combined and cogeneration cycles.


The GTES-12 is the automated block-module complex of technological equipment, designed for power supply of communities, industrial facilities, housing and communal services, various facilities in distant regions, in emergency situations, and more

• possibility to operate in simple, combined or cogeneration cycles (depending on the season and demand structure)

• can be operated as the main or auxiliary / emergency source of heat and electric power source

• can be operated independently, in parallel with other power sources or in parallel with the main power system in base, intermediate or peak loads

• high total efficiency in combined and cogeneration cycles, that allows to reduce the cost of energy produced

• environmental friendliness, that lets to place the GTES-12 (and other power generating stations based on GTD-6/8RM) in the urban areas

• possibility to operate on gas fuels (natural gas, oil gas) and liquid fuels (kerosene, diesel fuel, heavy fuel)

• consist of the full-readiness, transportable and quick-assembling blocks for installation in the open-air or indoor facilities

• the block-module configuration ensures the convenience of mounting, operation and maintenance

• flexibility of integration into available power supply systems of housing and communal services, industrial enterprises, other; GTES configuration in accordance with the Customer’s requirements*

* - in accordance with the Customer’s demand, the GTES-12/24/etc. can be packaged with electric generators of different models / series (featuring similar performances), fuel gas boosters (for boosting of natural gas or oil gas to a working pressure), steam turbines (for combined cycle applications), and other.


Power station GTES-12
Electric power output, MW 12
Heat power output, Gcal/h 23.44
Efficiency (simple cycle), % 24.4
Efficiency (combined cycle), % >50
Efficiency (cogeneration cycle), % >80
Nominal voltage, V 6 300 / 10 500
Electric current frequency, Hz 50

For reference purposes. Specifications depend on the facility type and the equipment applied.

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