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Industrial gas turbines DO49R

Development: NPO Saturn JSC
Production: NPO Saturn JSC

DО49R – single-shaft gas turbine featuring a built-in coaxial reduction gear for application within low capacity power generating stations (from 2.5 to 15 MW and above).

Design features
• 10-stages axial-centrifugal compressor
• tubular combustor (2 flame tubes)
• 3-stages turbine
• built-in coaxial reduction gear (reduction ratio 1:4.66)

DO49R gas turbine is used to drive the electric generators within for power generating stations (GTES-2.5 and other), rated at low output capacity (from 2.5 to 15 MW and above), designed for electrical and heat power generation in simple and cogeneration cycles.

• single-shaft design provides a high quality of output energy and good behavior at the unsteady conditions
• high fuel efficiency, that allows to reduce the cost of energy produced
• modular replacement of the gas turbine, reduction gear, other components in operation
• high sulfur corrosion and maritime climate resistance
• possibility to use the different fuels: gaseous fuels (natural gas, oil gas) and liquid fuels (kerosene, diesel fuel)
• flexibility of integration into available power supply systems of housing and communal services or industrial enterprises

Gas turbineDО49R
Shaft power output, MW 2.85
Electric power output, MW*1 2.5
Heat power output, Gcal/hr*2 4.423
Thermal efficiency (ISO 2314), % 28.0
Electric efficiency (ISO 2314), % 27.2
Output shaft speed, rpm: 3 000
Rotational direction of output shaft anticlockwise
Usable fuel:
• fuel gas
• liquid fuel

natural gas
diesel fuel
Operating pressure in fuel system, kgf/cm2
• fuel gas
• liquid fuel

Exhaust gas temperature, °С 445
Exhaust gas flow, kg/s 15
Dimensions (L x B x H), m 2.86 х 1.38 х 1.92
Weight (on frame), t 3.5
*1 - when operated within GTA/GTES/PGU (depending on the electric generator modification)
*2 - when operated within GTA/GTES/PGU (depending on the heat recovery steam generator modification)

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