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Company Production base

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High-tech production facilities

UEC-Saturn’s production facilities enabling manufacture of gas-turbine components of any complexity, dimensions and mechanical characteristics.

The metal-processing equipment stock amounts to over 12000 units, including about 2000 units of metallurgical equipment.

Science-intensive technologies for manufacturing parts of composites, structural ceramics, and bimetals are widely used in pilot and series production.

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Design-Manufacture integrated information system

• simultaneous product design, development of processes and manufacture of tooling on the basis of 3D models

• integrated electronic database of manufacturing processes and documentation

• QuickCast build style pattern (stereolythography) of the most complex parts

• industrial network of data transmission to CNC machines

• automated production planning system

• automated production cost accounting system

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Casting techniques

• casting patterns manufacture by means of stereolythography technique

• single crystal blade casting technique

• refractory coating

• high-temperature vacuum heat treatment of parts with high-speed cooling

• isostatic pressing of turbine blades and vanes, recovery of blades and vanes properties and structure while in repair

• manufacture of ceramic cores using the solid-phase sintering method

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Welding, brazing, gas-thermal coating application techniques

• electron-beam welding

• gas-shielded welding

• argon-shielded welding of complex-shaped parts in the chamber

• high-temperature vacuum brazing

• gas-thermal deposition of sealing and wear-resistance coatings

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• turning of external and internal complex-shaped compressor and turbine shafts surfaces

• five-axis machining technique of blisks

• high-speed machining of large- and medium-size compressor blades (from modeling the machining process within the Vericut system to on-machine manufacture by circle milling)

• finish six-axis programmable dressing with an endless abrasive belt

• finish vibro-abrasive machining of complex-shaped parts

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Heat treatment techniques

• heat treatment of parts at a heating temperature up to 1350°С and cooling rate up to 300°С/min

• heat treatment and welding-up of parts in vacuum and shielded gas atmosphere

• vacuum-flame deposition

• ion nitriding

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Electrical discharge machining and electrochemical processing

• processing of granular disks and perforated holes in turbine blades by electrical discharge machining

• broaching of slots and pockets in parts from hard-to-process high-temperature alloys

• wire cutting of various configuration parts and components

• small compressor blades manufacture by electrochemical processing

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Protective coating application techniques

• heat-resistant coatings on turbine part surfaces by ion-plasmous method

• protective coatings on inner and outer surfaces of blades and vanes by gas-circulation method (chrome aluminizing, aluminizing)

• laser powder cladding of turbine blades contact surface

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Laboratory facilities

• X-ray inspection of turbine blade and vane castings

• FPI inspection of turbine blade and vane castings, with S2, S3, S4 sensitivity

• mechanical tests of turbine blade and vane castings (elongation at room/increased temperature, creep-rupture test, etc.)

• chemical analysis of turbine blade and vane castings by opticospectral method, wet analysis, gas analysis of impurities, ISP gas analysis


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