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Company Engineering

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The engineering solutions offered by UEC-Saturn (video) ⇒
Engineering services

UEC-Saturn, based on its long-term experience in preproduction and ramping-up of one of the most complicated technology (gas-turbine engine), offers a wide range of engineering services.

UEC-Saturn is experienced in all design and technological preproduction works, it provides a package of engineering services as a unitary end-to-end project aimed at increase of manufacturing process reliability and reduction of production costs.

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Engineering service package

• development of technological processes for equipment of the Customer

• development and introduction of control programs for the CNC machines

• optimization of processing by selection of the cutting tools, cutting modes

• designing and manufacturing of tooling and tools (jigs, fixtures, tools)

• process introduction in manufacture

• selection and acquisition of the full nomenclature of the cutting and measuring tools of domestic and foreign manufacturers

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How to place an order

At the stage of pre-contract preparations the UEC-Saturn specialists are ready for visiting the Customer for getting acquainted with the available equipment, the existing nomenclature of parts, technological processes, and scope of works.

Please, fill-in the questionnaire below and send it to e-mail: dmitry.belov@npo-saturn.ru for preliminary order planning and estimation.

Questionnaire (UEC-Saturn) ⇒

Within three days our specialist will contact you.


Dmitry V. Belov
Head of Engineering Program
Phone: +7 (4855) 296-382
E-mail: dmitry.belov@uec-saturn.ru


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